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Mevspace VPS server with administration

  • Virtual Private Server Mevspace is a solution that allows separating a physical machine into independent virtual machines. VPS virtualization allows instant environment recovery whenever a failure happens.
  • Its scalability and simple managementmake enhancing your infrastructure and adding new elements to it easy and convenient. All of that, along with checking the parameters of your infrastructure can be done within your administrator panel.
  • VPS with administration panel offer is made for those Clients that appreciate comfort and simplicity in the management of their services.

Advantages of using VPS Mevspace

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By using them it is possible to rebuild the environment quickly in case of failure. You can take a snapshot at any moment from your panel.

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Our services have years of high-level availability. Without a doubt, they will meet the requirements of even the most demanding Business Clients.

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Wide range of operating systems

Unified server parameters ensure the proper operation of popular systems, particularly Linux and Windows.

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Starting servers from BIOS

Allows the operating system to be run over the local network from a set of basic routines called "input-output."

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Security guarantee

In case of a failure, your server will be moved to an operational machine within seconds - it will not be noticeable for your application, nor will restart your operating system.

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Environment protection

Our infrastructure is powered by an intelligent energy management system that dynamically adjusts the power supply to the Client's needs.

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Resource adjustment

You can increase RAM, processing power, and bandwidth in few minutes, so they meet your actual needs.

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Client panel

You get sole administrator access, along with a remote desktop. A handy service that will help you manage your server.

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Costs optimization

Resources engagement optimization technology allows significant cost reduction. By buying a Mevspace VPS you get good quality for an even better price.  

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