Your resources in our server room.

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Your own server in a professional external server room.

Constant, comprehensive server service without the need to invest in preparing your own server room.

Locating your hardware with us, you have excellent and constant service guaranteed. You can take care of server’s functions solely - data processing - while we will take care of professional and safe surroundings for your server. For safety reasons, only our specialists have direct access to the server. Transfer your IT infrastructure to Mevspace, our facilities, experience and knowledge are a guarantee of a complex service of your servers, while you can take care of developing your business.

Why us

Why the collocation in the Mevspace server rooms?

  • Guarantee of a fast and reliable internet connection - high capacity of the connection (100Mb/s to 10Gb/s) together with a reserve connection in case of a failure.
  • Safety and 24/7 support - quick reaction time in case of a failure - efficient server room service by experienced network administrators.
  • Professional server room - we provide optimal, safe conditions for servers - constant monitoring, emergency power supply, protected access to the server room.

Frequently asked questions

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Colocation consists in placing you server in our server rooms. This solution ensures high level of safety, accessibility and reliability, without the need to invest in your own server room and costly infrastructure.
Yes, our server rooms are protected from unauthorized access by antitheft systems. The server rooms are constantly monitored and only our administrators have access to it. Moreover, servers in our server rooms are secure from power outages.
No, for safety reasons only assigned administrative Mevspace staff have direct access to the server rooms. Yes, if you have a whole rack.