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Dynamic scalable resources are now at your fingertips.

Fast deployment, scalability, and precise billing of the service.

It perfectly suits the needs of environments and applications that require dynamically assigned resources. Environments and applications requiring dynamically assigned resources with unpredictable or seasonal traffic, overloaded e-commerce systems, or fintech solutions will greatly benefit from Mevspace Public Cloud.


Pros of Public Cloud

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Transparent billing model

The transparent billing model allows precise cost control and paying only for those services, that you need.

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High functionality

Functionality included allows, among many others, creating snapshots of machines and using them as system images.

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Full system support

The platform on which our cloud is built fully supports Windows and Linux operating systems.

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Data security

Data is processed on Mevspace's infrastructure, which ensures proper resource assignment and Client separation. With it, you won't have to worry about noisy neighbors.

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Administrator Panel and API

Our platform is supported and developed by experienced administrators and programmers. Client Panel is intuitive and easy to use even for non-experienced users.

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With our Public Cloud's potential, you can easily adjust your resources to the current needs of your applications and business environments.

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