Your synchronised, virtual IT infrastructure.

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MEVRack, a virtual rack.

Connect your infrastructure located in various Data Center modules outside the public network.

MEVRack is a service that safely connects dedicated servers by using one or few private VLAN networks. Connect Virtual Rack service with dedicated servers or Mevspace private cloud. Build with Mevspace processional infrastructure with more efficiency, lower costs, and technical support. You do not have to move your infrastructure physically to enjoy the synchronised operation of your servers and services.


What does MEVRack enable?

  • Connect various servers and services - MEVRack helps connect various servers and services located in various data centers by separating virtual private networks.
  • Create connection invisible to other users - Racks connected with virtual switches to private VLAN network allow creating connection invisible to other users, ensuring high security for your distributed services.
  • Create a virtual environment and its copy - Within one machine we can create a virtual environment and its copy on another machine, and in case of a failure quickly restore the system.

Pros of using MEVRack

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Coherent infrastructure

It enhances the quality of server using and management.

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By using private and virtual VLAN networks, MEVRack separated connections, making it invisible for other users.

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Your own network

We adjust VLAN implementation and many connections to our client’s needs.

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