Storage Space

Guarantee of security of your data.

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Order space for backup for your server

Ensure the security of your data.

Storage Space is a independent service in which you receive a secure space for any data: databases, files, documents, etc. Mevspace manages the space and ensures its security.

Our backup is implemented on a distributed infrastructure. Choose the suitable space for you: 100, 200, 300 GB, or even 16 TB. Connect using FTP/SFTP protocol and protect yourself today. It is up to you to implement the backup tool to suit your requirements, or you can also do it manually.

How does it work

How to use the Storage Space service in Mevspace?

  • You buy Storage Space - we send you login data.
  • You use Storage Space - you implement your own method of backup, you can also use it manually. You can check how much space you used in the Panel.
  • If you are running out of space - you can always buy more on the Mevspace website.
Storage space

Additional, secure space for backup

A flexible solution that you can expand.

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Frequently asked questions

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Storage Space (space for data storage) is a service that allows sharing of certain disk space dedicated for storing additional data copies. In this service, disk space from Mevspace storage servers is separated for backup of your data. Accessing this data is possible via the following protocols:
  • FTP
  • sFTP
You define the archiving policy and the number of copies.
By using Storage Space you protect your data. Backup protects from losing important data. By using the Backup Space solution regularly you can restore all of the data stored there before the malfunction.
No. Snapshot captures data at a given moment, providing access to previous versions. Backup is a copy that allows for complete recovery in case of damage and failure.