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Data Center Mevspace

The original solution of Modular Data Center

We build container server rooms in Poland, based on our industrial research.

Use of container server rooms to optimize resource use in our services. Thanks to their use in DC Mevspace 1 we build our infrastructure of dedicated servers, private clouds, and colocation services.

Racks cabinets in Mevspace server room

MEVFrame concept.

You will save even 40% on IT infrastructure.

MEVFrame is a server room with construction allowing atmospheric cool, maximum ergonomy of racks, space, and other infrastructure.

Used components and way installations, thanks to MEVFrame-type casing, are energetically effective, while also decreasing the use of energy from conventional sources, which generate a huge amount of pollution to the atmosphere.

Dedicated server AMD Ryzen 5/7 in Mevspace Server Room
Disaster Recovery Center

Data Center facility with DRC

The Data Center facility is built under the guidelines of the MEVFrame concept.

Container server rooms that we are using are a perfect DRC (Disaster Recovery Center) solution due to the independence of resources, which is an effect of the way the facility is constructed. Every data center module (container) is an independent element, which optimizes upkeep costs. We try to develop technology with our experience and observations.

Entry to Data Center Module Mevspace 1

Why should you choose Mevspace?

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Individual approach to the customer

All resources can be optimized and chosen accordingly to your application's needs. You are given the possibility of choosing computer components on your own, but you can also consult your needs with our administrators.

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We focus on ecology

You get access to service management with the administrator panel. You can perform most of the tasks on your own, from restarting to reinstalling operating systems. You can also order a KVM console at any moment.

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Polish brand

Mevspace has been satisfying and continuously taking care of customers’ needs for a decade now. All phases - research, services, and productions - are conducted and performed only in Poland.

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Our Data Center

Mevspace container servers are located about 40 kilometers from Warsaw. Location and technology guarantee us an advantage in service prices, also in security and telecommunication, and energetic independence.

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Two server rooms and a laboratory

Currently, we have a laboratory, and 2 independent and professional server rooms. One of them is in Warsaw, while the second one is near Warsaw, and it is our core Data Center and Disaster Recovery Mevspace.

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Professional support

We have a team of experienced administrators with high qualifications. Continuity of services is constantly watched over, 24/7/365, by Network Operation Center. We also have a team of programmers.

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