Hybrid Cloud

All the best of both Public and Private Cloud, in one service.

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Benefit from the advantages of many connected infrastructures.

Create and manage an integrated hybrid infrastructure to handle even the most requiring tasks.

Are you looking for the best solution for your application? A mix of Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and dedicated environments for a single Client often is the best one. Therefore,we build a true hybrid cloud with flexibility of many clouds so you can connect bare metal-type dedicated environments with chosen private and public clouds, like:



Google Cloud Platform ™

Digital Ocean®


Pros of Hybrid Cloud

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Assign resources when they are needed. Start some applications only on your resources. And the rest on Mevspace or our Partner's public cloud infrastructure. 

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Resources of the public cloud are ideal for grand or unforeseeable traffic. They can significantly lower the costs of buying the IT infrastructure, which may end up needed only for a short period.

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It's not a problem if you need increased security, the highest control over your application, and critically important data - just use Private Cloud service.

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