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Our Data Centers

DC Mevspace 1 Location: Wyszkow
DC Mevspace 2 Location: Warsaw
DC Mevspace 3 Location: Warsaw
Modular Data Center

The original solution of Modular Data Centers.

A server room in a container is a non-standard solution, a standard server room.

Servers offered by Mevspace are located in DC Mevspace 1 in Wyszków. The center is an original solution of the so-called Modular Data Centres, i.e. server rooms in containers with the implemented MEVFRAME concept, which allows for significant reduction of operating costs. Using it in DC Mevspace 1 we build our own infrastructure of dedicated servers, VPS and collocation services.

Container server rooms meet all the standards required from data center for TIER III. For security reasons, only authorized administrators have access to modules with dedicated server and VPS services. The security of services is supervised by a rapid response group - Network Operation Center, which takes care of smooth operation of servers 24/7.

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