Private Cloud

Scalable and secure virtual cloud infrastructure.

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Quick response times with the efficiency of a Private Cloud.

With Mevspace Private Cloud dynamic scalable resources are now at your fingertips.

By using Mevspace's Private Cloud, you gain the highest levels of control and security, thanks to the dedicated environment made to perfectly suit your needs. Whenever it will be operating from our Data Centers, or your infrastructure is only your choice.






Pros of Private Cloud

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Control and Security

Dedicated network, computing, and disk space layers separate resources, giving you the highest control and security possible.

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An environment made to suit your needs

Private Cloud infrastructure allows full adjusting of disk space, computing, and network components so they can meet our clients’ needs.

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GDPR compliant

Personal data is processed only on dedicated machines, and you always know where it's located, as it is stored on your Private Cloud physical infrastructure.

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Fast and comfortable

All your services are delivered quickly and efficiently, and Mevspace Private Cloud provides its users self-service access to infrastructure whenever needed. 

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Full efficiency

Dedicated resources for Business give Mevspace Private Cloud advantages over Public Cloud.

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We hire passionate specialists. For whom the safety of data and environment of our clients come before anything else.

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