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Kubernetes Platform

Replace manual implementation and scaling of container applications.

We are using the Kubernetes technology in Mevspace as a solution (along with other DevOps tools) that allows implementation of a complete platform for quick application launching by developers teams in the production environment.

Kubernetes as an open-source platform provides the environment for building systems. For instance, for information management and data storing, implementation automatization, resource management, and much more.

How does it work

How does Kubernetes work?

  • Operates using Docker - Kubernetes, an open-source platform, operates using Docker.
  • It is an open software that allows us to make an application, launch, and implement it on every server running on Linux.
  • Kubernetes helps manage, and control applications in dockers by isolating clusters on virtual machines - by using them Kubernetes plans to launch containers (specified applications), depending on resources available.

Kubernetes implementation advantages

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Task automatization

Starting containers, increasing resources, or setting specified parameters of every service and application.

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Efficient data relocation

Simple, and dynamic data migration between operating systems, platforms, and many more.

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High availability and scalability

You'll receive scalability of container applications and high availability of their resource at demand.

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Control and monitoring

Manage and coordinate implemented applications. Monitoring nodes allows checking both status and efficiency of operating software.

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Easy resources isolation

Evenly committed traffic allows sharing operating system, with load balancing usage of resources by distributing network traffic between containers. 

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Uninterrupted development

Applies, among others, application implementation and integration with kept environment cohesion, furthermore Kubernetes allows you to undo changes if an error is detected quickly and easily.

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