Configure your dedicated server


Selected processor for your dedicated server.


Upgrade RAM for your dedicated server.

Basic storage

Increase storage space in a dedicated server.

Additional SSD disks

Get an additional SSD disk for the dedicated server.

RAID level

Choose how the drives work together: RAID level 0 or 1 for your server.

Additional IPv4 addresses

Add more IPv4 addresses (max. 31). One IPv4 address is always for free for each server.

Anti DDoS Protection

Choose additional Anti DDoS Protection and protect your dedicated server from attacks.

Operating system

Choose one of the available Linux: AlmaLinux, Centos, Fedora, Ubuntu or Windows operating systems.

Storage Space

Storage Space is a safe space to store your data and recover it at any time.


To help you identify the server enter your own unique name.

Additional info

If you have a special request for your order add the information for our administrators.

SSH key

Add your SSH key and log in to your dedicated server without having to keep entering your password.


  • AMD® Ryzen™ 9 7950X
  • RAM: 192 GB
  • Storage: 2 x 1 TB NVME

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Number of servers

Location: Polish flag Wyszków, Poland
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Up to 5 working days
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